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Jordan Sullivan
« on: January 16, 2007, 09:27:00 PM »
Real Name: jordan sullivan
TG Nickname: 12ring
Age: 15
Home State: Arkansas
TradGang member number: 5018
Years trad bowhunting: 5
Number of Big game kills: 0 with bows

(TG)- Tell us about yourself.

(12ring)- I like to shoot tournaments.

(TG)- How long have you been bow hunting with traditional gear?

(12ring)- 5yrs

(TG)- Any heroes? Any role models?

(12ring)- God

(TG)- What got you started bowhunting?

(12ring)- My uncle.

(TG)- Do you have any favorite memories or kills that stand out? Tell us about it!

(12ring)- I shot a coon n the nose one time.

(TG)- Can you tell us a bit about your preferred hunting combo?

(12ring)- whats a huntin combo. i like the number 3 at mc donalds

(TG)- Do you have a mentor that helps with you bow hunting?

(12ring)- kildog, Sackett, 1Arkie, Kelly Sullivan, Keith Sullivan, God

(TG)- What is your favorite animal to hunt?

(12ring)- FISH

(TG)- Does any of your family hunt or fish?

(12ring)- no

(TG)- Who first got you involved in traditional bow hunting?

(12ring)- Keith Sullivan (he showed me the light)

(TG)- What are your bowhunting goals?

(12ring)- to have fun

(TG)- Do you make any of your own gear?

(12ring)- one self bow, arrows, and arrow finders

(TG)- Do you do any small game hunting?

(12ring)- OH YEAH

(TG)- Tell us what your dream hunt would be.

(12ring)- me and some buddies going huntin for anything and havin a good time.


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