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Luke Vander Vennen
« on: January 16, 2007, 08:14:00 AM »
Real Name: Luke Vander Vennen
TG Nickname: Luke Vander Vennen
Home State: Ontario
TradGang member number: 4183
Years trad bowhunting: after this season: one. In my mind: all my life

(TG)- Tell us about yourself.

(Luke Vander Vennen)- I’m a 15 year old who loves to be outside. I like to do things differently than others, one  of the reasons that I picked up tradititional archery. I love to work with my hands and create things that are beautiful and functional (still working on both    ;)  

(TG)- How long have you been bow hunting with traditional gear?

(Luke Vander Vennen)- This fall will be my first season hunting.

(TG)- Any heroes? Any role models?

(Luke Vander Vennen)- I would say that my biggest role model would be my dad. He doesn’t hunt, but I really look up to him and respect him.

(TG)- What got you started bowhunting?

(Luke Vander Vennen)- If you trace it back, I think what got me started into hunting was my nightly storiers about Robin Hood. They got me into archery, and archery got me into bowhunting.

(TG)- Do you have any favorite memories or kills that stand out? Tell us about it!

(Luke Vander Vennen)- Several years ago, when we were young and didn’t know any better, my friend and I used to go partridge hunting in his woods.  I was always carrying my 20 pound fiberglass bow with copper heads that I made myself. In about two years of roving and hunting, I think we flushed two birds. Although we didn’t have any physical success, we always had a great time in a place were we could just forget about everything else around us (ok ok, 12 year olds don’t have too many troubles). Something else I will never forget is going bowfishing with Jake H and Cary Gibson. My dad and I spent a night and a day with Jake, Cary, and Cary's family. Great times and great people (especially Kayla    ;)    ). It was with Jake and Cary that I shot my first fish. Hopefully that fish will be the first of many    :)    .

(TG)- Do you remember the first animal you took with a traditional bow? Tell us about it!

(Luke Vander Vennen)- The first animal I ever took with a bow was actually a bumblebee. I was shooting some nutters in my backyard when I saw the bee about 5 feet away. Drew the bow, thought “no way” and plugged it. I actually shot two bees that day. I looked for the bodies for mounts, but I think they were buried in the ground somewhere. I wish I could say that my first animal I killed was one of those squirrels terrorizing my moms garden, but no such luck so far..

(TG)- Can you tell us a bit about your preferred hunting combo?

(Luke Vander Vennen)- When I hit the woods this fall I will hopefully be toting my sinew-backed static recurve, 5/16 birch shafts pushing Ribtek boradheads

(TG)- Do you have a mentor that helps with you bow hunting?

(Luke Vander Vennen)- I have two. One would be Cary Gibson, who has already taught me a lot about hunting in the small amount of time that I have been with him. Hopefully I will be hunting with him and some other tradgangers this fall. The second would be Mark Raycroft, who is always willing to talk about hunting. I have learned so much just sitting at the same campfire as him, listening to his huge knowledge of animals.

(TG)- What is your favorite animal to hunt?

(Luke Vander Vennen)- Not really sure, as I haven’t gone hunting yet

(TG)- Does any of your family hunt or fish?

(Luke Vander Vennen)- My dad fishes a lot. The two of us have gone on a lot of fishing trips together. Nobody else in my family hunts or fishes

(TG)- What or who first got you involved in traditional bow hunting?

(Luke Vander Vennen)- As I said before, I think it was two years o Robin Hood stories. Those got me into archery, and archery got me into bowhunting.  Also hearing stories from mark Raycroft I think helped fuel the fire

(TG)- What are your bowhunting goals?

(Luke Vander Vennen)- I want to take a deer this fall with a bow that I made myself.  I also want to shoot a moose.

(TG)- Do you make any of your own gear?

(Luke Vander Vennen)- I make my own bows and will soon make my own arrows. I have been making bows for about two years now (I think),but haven’t really turned out anything that I am satisfied with. When my sinew-backed static recurve dries fully, hopefully it will be worthy of accompanying me in the woods. I also have some other bows that I am working on now that could end up as hunting companions

(TG)- Do you do any small game hunting?

(Luke Vander Vennen)- As I said before, I used to go partridge hunting (if you could call it hunting),but I also stake out in my backyard waiting for some dumb squirrels to pop there heads up. My mom has given me full permission to eradicate the squirrels from her garden

(TG)- Tell us what your dream hunt would be.

(Luke Vander Vennen)- My dream hunt would be either hunting moose in northern Ontario, or hunting caribou somewhere. If all turns out well, it is possible that I might be able to go moose hunting in 2006.


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