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PowWow / Re: Bull Down!
« Last post by JakeD on Today at 06:40:14 AM »
Congratulations! Fantastic story and a beautiful bull!
PowWow / Re: Lost my shooting and shed hunting buddy
« Last post by JakeD on Today at 06:35:25 AM »
He has a trial date set. Surprisingly, he ponied up and got a lawyer. I go tomorrow to turn in all the paperwork for restitution and what I want to happen. If he is found guilty and made to pay all of the restitution, he isn't gonna be happy. He has charges of animal abuse and 2nd degree property damage against him. It's taking awhile, but I am just going along with the process and hoping that everything works out. I am hopeful that the court will see what kind of person that he is and make him pay for what he did. If he is found innocent, there isn't much I can do about it. Regardless, this is now becoming an issue for him.
Oh ya, I should have known that. It's a pretty popular pistol.
PowWow / Re: Bull Down!
« Last post by TIM B on Today at 06:34:11 AM »
Tim B
PowWow / Question - older bear Griz
« Last post by TIM B on Today at 06:32:12 AM »
A friend of a friend contacts me saying he is hunting w a older bear Griz this year but some of the finish is coming off.  What should he re-coat the bad spots with?  Polly?
Thanks boys - I just want to help the guy as he comes over to our side of trad hunting.
Tim B
PowWow / Re: Bull Down!
« Last post by Roy from Pa on Today at 06:19:10 AM »
Congratulations Marc.

I fixed the picture for you.


PowWow / Re: I might be all done.
« Last post by Roy from Pa on Today at 06:15:53 AM »

PowWow / Re: taller pop up blind info
« Last post by Bow man on Today at 06:11:37 AM »
Hidden Hunter are great blinds and you wont go wrong with one.  I also like the Barronett blind but the model I like is the Big Cat big and roomy like the big Mike but the windows are set a bit lower on the blind
PowWow / Re: Critique my arrow setup please
« Last post by Roy from Pa on Today at 06:01:15 AM »
3 to 4 inch groups at 20 yards with bare shafts?

I say put some feathers on them and er done.

PowWow / Re: I might be all done.
« Last post by MIBIGHNTR on Today at 05:53:21 AM »
Graps.....  You ever need help tracking, gutting, dragging, etc., I would be more than happy to help you out!!  Although we've never met in person, it would be my pleasure to give you a hand and we're not terribly far away, with me being just South of GR.  Please let me know if I can help you get some additional years out in the woods!!

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