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The Bowyer's Bench / Re: Hill style build need help
« Last post by Danjoseph on Today at 08:45:48 AM »
I'm actually more undecided than when I first started this thread :biglaugh:
I'm still waiting to order my I have lots time left to make a final decision....
I know I want a 66" ntn 50 to 55# @28" hill style Longbow for myself and I need to get it right the first time...I don't want a bow that's going to destroy my bow hand neither do I want a whip ended bow....
Regards Dan. :banghead:

PowWow / Re: Made some changes
« Last post by bowmaster12 on Today at 08:41:48 AM »
Pickngrin, the bow is a whisperstik mojo revurve made by J.D lund out of Michigan.  Just when you think you have it figured out,the groups open back up.  The joys of the journy of the stick bow
The Bowyer's Bench / Re: FHLB build
« Last post by Buemaker on Today at 08:32:09 AM »
New riser? Soft or hard wood? :laughing:
PowWow / Re: Hog #25 for 2020
« Last post by Wudstix on Today at 08:30:39 AM »
So tell me, does it taste like chicken?
PowWow / Re: Made some changes
« Last post by PICKNGRIN on Today at 08:22:25 AM »
Good shooting!  What kind of bow is that?
PowWow / Re: Bow quiver vs no quiver
« Last post by PICKNGRIN on Today at 08:17:05 AM »
I am back on the bow quiver kick this year after many years of using a side quiver.  Just seemed like a good option this year.  Shooting with the quiver on seems to be no problem.
PowWow / Re: Hog #25 for 2020
« Last post by ESP on Today at 08:12:22 AM »
PowWow / Re: Chad Holm
« Last post by Bowguy67 on Today at 07:45:36 AM »
Prayers for his family and friends
PowWow / Mobile hunter equipment..good stuff
« Last post by Overspined on Today at 07:37:45 AM »
Lone Wolf Custom Gear has been really pumping out the mobile hunter equipment! I know a lot of Trad hunters will go deep and work hard and carrying a heavy stand isn’t fun. I used an original climber and hang on for almost 20 years, but the new hang ons and sticks are amazing for people looking to go ultra quiet and light. And the features have fixed all the mods or complaints I had about the original..The sticks set out farther from the tree and have better steps, less risk of a slip. I’ve been using one for a year now and they come out with an even lighter one, and double or single ultralight sticks.  I just can’t see buying another as they’re pricey. Anyway I’m super thrilled with the rig, and for all these years I typically set a new stand for every sit. I’ve always done well like this as it maintains the element of surprise and I hunt the freshest sign. Hard to beat. After a year I thought I’d add $.02
The Bowyer's Bench / Re: FHLB build
« Last post by Carpdaddy on Today at 07:27:29 AM »
 :laughing:Roy  :laughing:

Looking good Kenny!  :clapper:
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