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The Bowyer's Bench / Re: Gordon glass in stock!
« Last post by BigJim on Today at 10:19:57 AM »
They have changed some of their product suppliers and their process... They also only run a couple or few times of the year due to weather impact on the glass.

This is the same thing that I was told about BearPaw glass in their attempts to improve the issues that they are having with the clarity.. They felt that certain weather conditions affected the clarity so ??? we will see if BearPaw fixes their issues. That doesn't however affect the inconsistency in spine of the BP glass.

BP is a great company though and I expect that in time, their Austrian glass will improve.

I was out of all my glass until yesterday. I now have all of the bear paw and all of the gordons instock.
Thanks, BigJim
Pronghorns in Wyoming soon. Hoyt Gamemaster II with easton FMJ's tipped with Zwickey Deltas and VPA 150 gr. 3 blade.
PowWow / Re: White Oak Acorn Question
« Last post by JonCagle on Today at 10:01:38 AM »
Here in Virginia the white/chestnut oaks and red oaks started dropping in late July , Which to my memory is super early. They are well developed though. We had a warm wet spring and cicadas.
The Bowyer's Bench / Re: 2020---->What did ya do today?
« Last post by Mad Max on Today at 09:57:11 AM »
Not a Hill style fan myself, but it looks good and you shop look nice too :thumbsup:
PowWow / Re: How do you evaluate a new bow?
« Last post by GCook on Today at 09:44:56 AM »
I have a bow I shoot very well that I don't like.  It's the grip that is the issue but it must work well because the consistency of the grip plays a large part in how consistent you shoot it.  I've killed a few deer and pigs with it.  Probably kill some more.  But when I decide to i will shoot it for a few days before I hunt, let the wind out of one, the unstring it and it will hang on the rack until next time.
My point being if you don't shoot it well then ditch it.  If you do but don't like it it may be harder to decide.
After Randy refinish this one it will hit the sale block.  I have other bows I shoot as well that I like shooting.
The Bowyer's Bench / Re: Gordon glass in stock!
« Last post by Flem on Today at 09:21:37 AM »
Glad to hear that performance is the same. Something must have changed though, unless the clarity improved "Magically".
The Bowyer's Bench / Re: 2020---->What did ya do today?
« Last post by Flem on Today at 09:17:35 AM »
Nice looking work Keyang!  And welcome to the bowyers bench. We really do have people from all over the world on here. It's pretty awesome that this somewhat obscure pursuit finds passionate adherents from all over the globe!
PowWow / Re: The Hoyt Santori
« Last post by McDave on Today at 08:59:58 AM »
If I could only have one bow, it would be the Satori.  Of course, that would be cheating, because the Satori can be as many bows as you want it to be with the variety of riser, grip, arrow rest, and limb choices available.
PowWow / Re: How do you evaluate a new bow?
« Last post by McDave on Today at 08:55:11 AM »
If it is a style of bow that you are already familiar with and like, and just want “more of the same, but better,” then you should quickly know if the bow fits that ticket.  As was mentioned earlier, the grip is critical, but can be overlooked in the throes of a honeymoon, so make sure the grip is comfortably seated in your hand with no tendency to slip off to the side one way or the other or to torque.  It should be immediately obvious to you if the bow draws smoothly or not.  Hand shock is something that may not be immediately obvious, but will certainly be noticeable over time.

OTOH, if you are switching to a different style of bow, recurve to longbow or vice versa, or wood trad to metal ILF with carbon limbs or vice versa, then it is more likely that you might not immediately like it, and may require more time to become accustomed to the change.
PowWow / Re: Zwickey Rockwell hardness
« Last post by razorsharptokill on Today at 08:49:10 AM »
Love the Deltas, using them on Antelope in a few weeks. I use the KME or a paper wheel.
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