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PowWow / Re: Let’s See Your Northern Mist Longbows
« Last post by bow loving man on Today at 06:14:06 PM »
I have owned a whisper, shelton and Baraga...I can say this...Steve builds a wonderful bow. Both in shootability and in quality craftsmanship.  All 3 of the bows I've owned were top shelf bows.  I'd still be shooting one had I not started building bows myself.
PowWow / Zipper Bows
« Last post by KentuckyTJ on Today at 06:13:58 PM »
I got this riser in from a guy that bought it from Bob Thompson around 1992. I am making new C2 limbs for him and retrofitting the riser and refinishing it. The lines on this thing are beautiful. I hope to be the craftsman Bob is someday.
The Bowyer's Bench / Re: Bamboo backed ipe bow light weight now.
« Last post by Roy from Pa on Today at 06:09:20 PM »
Cut 2 inches off each end and retiller. You will gain 10 pounds.
The Bowyer's Bench / Re: Let's see some workshop pics.
« Last post by Roy from Pa on Today at 06:03:50 PM »
Bue, I love your shop.

I love knotty pine.
PowWow / Re: Cloverdale Traditional Nationals 2019
« Last post by vaguely on Today at 06:02:22 PM »
The Bowyer's Bench / Bamboo backed ipe bow light weight now.
« Last post by Don Armstrong on Today at 06:00:17 PM »
Should have left well enough alone. Made a ipe bow backed with bamboo, 65" nock groove to nock groove. Was pulling 54@28" and tillered for 3 under. Decided to reduce weight to 45@28" if possible. Ran into a problem on tiller. When l got it straighened out, bow was at 36@28". Anyone have a swag on how much to shorten it to get to about 45@28". Would it be possible to glue a taper on the belly and re- tiller? Thanks, Don
The Bowyer's Bench / Re: Bow Shop Tonight
« Last post by Buemaker on Today at 05:59:02 PM »
Good times to remember. :)
PowWow / Re: Whats your favorite nonarchery target?
« Last post by Bchunter1 on Today at 05:56:26 PM »
I bait my target with some peanut butter which brings in the ants which brings in the lizards to eat the ants . Lizards crap all over the pool deck so they have to go .

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The Bowyer's Bench / Re: Bow Shop Tonight
« Last post by KellyG on Today at 05:50:42 PM »
PowWow / Re: Funny Hunt Quotes II....
« Last post by ronp on Today at 05:50:41 PM »
My dad used to tell me when I was young and missed often, "don't worry son, there's a lot of air around a deer for your shot to hit." I guess he was right  :archer2:
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