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Author Topic: Stotler Game Getter  (Read 865 times)

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Stotler Game Getter
« on: January 07, 2007, 08:22:00 PM »
I would like some input on the Stotler longbows, the Game Getter Elite, specifically.  Everytime I see that bow in TBM with Mr. Kamstra, I think WOW! what an ugly bow!  And yet I just Love it!  It is one of those bows that is on my short list of ones to try and I just about never see any used ones for sale, especially a lefty.  I would love to get one with a bamboo core.  I see that they offer carbon, does anyone know if that is as an outside lam, to replace the glass or just as a core?  Looks like my length choices would be 63 or 66 inch.  Any input there for a 28" draw?  Can someone tell me there takedown method?  I know I can contact them with my questions, but would like to hear what those that have owned or shot can tell me first.
  Would like to hear the good, the bad and the ugly.  PM or e-mail me the negatives, if any, if you don't want to post in publically.

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Re: Stotler Game Getter
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2007, 12:06:00 AM »
I own two "Gamegetter Elites" and have for about the last 8 years.  As far as my one piece with carbon is concerned the carbon lam is an interior lam but my bows were made by Jerry Dishon, not the current owner so that may have changed.  

Dennis does not shoot a "gamegetter" handle, which is the one featured on the stotler website.  Dennis has a custom made handle that is more like the older "gamebuster" handled risers (yes, I own two of them as well and its a sickness).

You will like the bows. The takedown (I own a 66 incher) is very nice but starts out its life as a once piece bow that is then cut into three pieces and finished.  Because of this method, there is no way to order additional limbs and is really the only downside.  The upside is that these are the finest bows in the world I think.

Original design by the Stotler brothers, who were Howard Hills bowmakers for almost 30 years before John Schultz came on the scene.  The Stotlers were also Howards camera men, hunting partners and back up rifle men on occasion when called for.  The stotler boys were looking to blend the best part of a recurve (long riser and wide flat limbs to dampen hand shock) with the shootability of a longbow (the bow pulls into a "D" shape).  It is really more of a flat bow with short working limbs. Highly stable in the hand and fairly fast as well. The carbon limbs dampen out really quick after the shot so if you are considering this option I would go for it for sure. sTrung, the 66 inch bow is only 63 inches so not sure you want to go much shorter.  Whatever you do, have fun.
Keep flinging those shafts!

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