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What this forum is NOT about!

Its NOT about broadheads, nocks, bow making, bow inquiries, longbow vs recurve, bow speeds, draw force curves, arrow speeds, quivers, arrows, arrow making, string twisting, string materials, feathers, silencers, brace height inquiries, or anything else not associated with the act of shooting the bow.  The above topics should be posted on the PowWow.

We are trying to have a "Shooters Forum" so folks can come in and learn, teach, and inquire about shooting and shooting issues without a lot of non-related topics for them to have to wade through.

If your post gets deleted or was off topic for this forum.

Of course there is one gray area....tuning the bow.

Spine questions can be asked here, or on the PowWow...and you'll likely get more and quicker answers on the PowWow.

We also don't do target archery....i.e. FITA, NFAA, Olympi, archey golf, or flight shooting topics.  There are other forums available for that and we recomend the S.T.A.F.F. forum.

The reason for this post is that every day there are a half dozen or so topics that are being moved that are off topic for this forum.  We try hard to keep this forum for the act of shooting, so folks don't have to wade through off topic posts to find shooting posts which is what this forum is designated for.

Don't forget to use the search feature as there's a wealth of information already on this forum.


This forum is not about arguing over which aiming method or style is best.  We are all different and each individual must find the best method that fits them.  The Masters of the Bare Bow DVD is a prime example of how many different ways there are to skin a cat, and this forum is provided to HELP people find what's right for them, NOT to hinder them.

So, no arguing, personal agenda's, or personal conflict will be tolerated.  

Your consideration would be greatly appreciated.

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