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Cant Never Could
« on: April 29, 2006, 08:39:00 PM »
Cause Cant wasn't a bowhunter.....

I see questions arise about 'where' to cant, 'how much to cant', 'can you cant the same way twice'?  Target archers need to drive tacks and execute the same exact shot over and over....BUT!  Bowhunters, especially those that spend a lot of time on the ground need to be a bit more versatile IMO. They should be able to manufacture and deliver shots from the terrain and environment Mother nature throws at them. I hope to show that you can cant the bow how ever you want to, and that it doesn't have to be the same angle every time.  

Bowhunter's have also been accused of 'dumbing down' the sport of archery by non-hunting target archers.....but I say with a little effort and imagination, we can jazz it up pretty good.

These are extreme deviations of my normal shot....Its a bear target, but I'm practicing my low and tight hog shot.  The black shafts got lost in the internet conversion....but the target impacts are 2 inches higher than the fletches due to the camera angle.

Dial up.....
   Extreme Cant Angles I  
   Extreme Cant Angles II  
   Extreme Cant Angles III

   Extreme Cant Angles

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