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Airguns in Oklahoma
« on: March 17, 2023, 05:07:32 PM »
To all,

    There is currently emergency session legislation that has already passed the state house that will allow air bows and air guns by all during the entirety of the Oklahoma archery season for Whitetails. Please contact the following to state congressman to help voice your opinion against these weapons as soon as possible. Due to this being an emergency session of Congress, the Oklahoma Wildlife Dept., will be allowed minimal input on these bills.

Copied below are links from the PBS email I received as a member to voice opposition.

We urgently need participants to take part In the following 2 actions: You can read the house bill here: (link in Bio)
Step 1:
After reading the bill, please contact senator David Bullard who sits on the chair of Wildlife and Tourism Committee (405)521-5586 and leave a message if needed.  You can also email him at
Please say you oppose HB2355 on multiple accounts or detail if preferred (As mentioned this bill has other additions and emergency status)
Step 2:
Please contact representative Ty Burns
Tell him you oppose SB 352 allowing disabled and able-bodied use of air guns during full archery season dates. Leave a message if needed.
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