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Author Topic: Learn to Forge a Knife without Power Tools  (Read 225 times)

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Learn to Forge a Knife without Power Tools
« on: April 22, 2020, 01:06:33 PM »
May not be the proper place for this but during these stay at home times a Great Master Bladesmith who was also a member of Trad Gang made a video on his web site of how to Forge a Knife without Power Tools.  He made this specifically for the corona virus times.  It is a long video that you down load to your computer with a cost of $25.  I have recommended in the past if someone wants to learn how to forge a knife to sign up for a American Bladesmith Hammer-In.  That is not possible with stay at home & no gatherings now days.

His name is Burt Foster...Master Bladesmith, winner of Forged in Fire, my friend and teacher.  Look up his web site and you'll find how to get his video under available.  I highly recommend it...tippit

PS:  He just added a video on Grinding Blades!
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