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Author Topic: Prayer for Scott Mitchell's family (Shortdraw" <')))><)  (Read 580 times)

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Prayer for Scott Mitchell's family (Shortdraw" <')))><)
« on: May 01, 2019, 06:51:44 PM »
  I just want to give my sincere condolences to a friend I never met in life but through here and another well known Traditional site who some may have known as Shortdraw <')))><
  Scott Mitchell and I became friends over a prayer requests when we adopted our first daughter Ande and we traded bows and I still have his Fox High Sierra take down.
  Scott was a "Brother" and believed in Jesus Christ our savior and my heart was pierced so to speak when I read of his passing today elsewhere.
   He and his wife sent our adopted girls box's of barely used cloths and some never worn and to see our girls faces as they looked at the clothes given from a total stranger with a kind heart is so heart warming.
  We would exchange pm's and talked once on the phone when we made our trade and we hit it off as Traditional like minded folks do.
  I will miss his posts and comments cause he was a humble man not getting in a heated debate or making any hurtful comments towards anyone.
  He was only 60 and passed suddenly on Sunday not sure why BUT rest assured he made his reservations after life here on earth.
 Scott may have thought me the <')))>< symbol I use for ending my posts and one the only other folks who used it every time he ended a post or comment.
  May he rest in peace and I'll cherish the Fox recurve I got about 10 years ago or so in a trade from Scott.
                      God Bless your soul Shortdraw <')))><
                                                your friend and Brother in Christ Jesus Keefer's <')))>< 

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Re: Prayer for Scott Mitchell's family (Shortdraw" <')))><)
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2019, 03:39:15 PM »
Wow...just saw Don Assenheimer's passin and funeral announcement and then this...

I didn't have the pleasure of meeting or knowing either of these chaps, but We will be seeing more and more of this as Americans are aging...

May he rest in peace... and have already heard those desirable words, " well done, good and faithful servant"
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I had not seen this.  He will be missed. Sorry for your loss!

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