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Author Topic: Lessons from Jim Casto Jr's Target Panic Routine  (Read 622 times)

Online Jock Whisky

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Lessons from Jim Casto Jr's Target Panic Routine
« on: March 06, 2019, 05:24:46 PM »
I’ll start by saying that I’ve had TP or loss of shot control for decades.
About ten years ago I dropped to fifty pounds and I’ve managed to get things somewhat under control over several years but not enough. If I drew the bow the arrow was going to be shot. Usually the shot was ok but in the event that something didn’t feel right, I found it impossible to let down. While practicing I would tell myself that I was going to draw, anchor and aim and let down but invariably the arrow was on its way.
I decided to give Jim Casto’s method a go and I’ve now completed the entire sixty three days. I’ve tried other methods previously, made some improvements with them but never quite got there. So I started out with a thirty pound recurve and eventually worked up to forty two pounds. For the first time in nearly thirty years I can now draw, anchor, set my back tension, evaluate the shot, aim, release and follow through. My string hand moves straight back and the arrow usually goes where I’m looking. Oh the odd one gets away but I’m only human. If things start going sideways I just revert to the program for a bit and we’re back in business.
But there was an unexpected benefit with Jim’s program. Because I had to draw, anchor, set back tension, aim and then hold for a period of time and then let down I found myself with time to evaluate various parts of my shooting. So not only have I started regaining shot control, I have the added benefit of improving my technique.
My practice routine for years involved shooting arrows. It wasn’t about not shooting them. With what has happened over the last sixty three days I’ve come to the conclusion that this idea of drawing and letting down should have a place in an archer’s practice routine from the beginning. I know it will be part of mine.
To Jim…my gratitude. Your method works and has made a huge difference for me. It also leaves me with a way to regain control if the condition returns.
To those with shot control issues give this a try. It’s worth the commitment.
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Online David Mitchell

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Re: Lessons from Jim Casto Jr's Target Panic Routine
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2019, 01:38:42 PM »
Excellent report Jock.  I have found Jim's program to be of terrific value as well. :thumbsup:
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