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Author Topic: 1950's British archer/hunter kit ….  (Read 785 times)

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1950's British archer/hunter kit ….
« on: July 06, 2018, 02:06:58 PM »
This is my 5th/6th attempt at posting this, took out all the images, shrunk them down to 1 of 233k, took out the URL still wouldn't  post!

Likely dating from 1958 or earlier, a number of items from Hargreaves (which became Quicks in 1959) that the discerning ? ;-) British archer & hunter may have used.
In 1958 hunting with a bow & arrows was still legal in the UK, to be banned later in 1962 (?)
Actual gear in my possession & illustrative pages from the Hargreaves 1958 catalogue.
If anyone has print or scanned copy of earlier Hargreaves catalogues I would welcome a copy/copies please.

I've cutting down my image size to post here, down to 233k still refuses to accept! Posted the text then modified to add the image below...

More pics & story here:

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