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« on: May 21, 2014, 05:37:00 PM »
My first blade listed for sale here.    :)  

Sheath will be tooled leather made to buyers specs right or left handed etc.

Nothing fancy, but a good rugged and comfortable cutter. Handle is sized for a small to mid sized hand........a fella with huge mitts may want a bit more to grip.
Price is $375SOLD including shipping in continental US or Canada.

Part skinner part camp knife.
-7 inch blade of 1084 with an antique etched finish.
-11 3/4 inch tip to butt.
-Brushed and heat colored copper spacer and textured mild steel guard.
-Elk antler handle.

Blade is 1/4 inch thick with minimal distal taper to keep a bit more weight out front. For a relatively short blade it chops pretty well, but still thin enough at the edge for most slicing chores. I added a bit of a false edge at the tip to make it more effective for piercing.

Darcy     :campfire:  





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