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Bacon Wrapped Shrimp...
« on: April 22, 2006, 09:24:00 AM »
Biggest shrimp you can find
Red bell pepper
Golden bell pepper
Red onion or Sweet onion
Fresh Jalapeno pepper
Portabella mushroom..or any other kind you like
Cheese....your choice
Thick cut Peppered Bacon
Tony Charchere's original Creole seasoning
Bunch of tooth picks

Ok clean your shrimp and cut off tails.
Melt butter and garlic in a fry pan and season with Tony's just want to melt in under a very slow simmer...add shrimp and turn off not cook them!

Let shrimp sit in pan while you prepare your veggies. Cut your veggies into small strips or slivers.

It's best to lay out two pieces of bacon in kind of a "V" shape(it makes this whole mess eaiser to roll up rather than trying to fit it in 1 piece of bacon)and place 1-2 shrimp in the bacon back where they cross, now lay you veggies and a nice slice of cheese in front of the shrimp and start rolling it all up...roll it tight by pulling/streching the bacon as you takes a little practice. Now secure the roll up with lots of tooth picks so it doesn't fall apart on you on the grill.

Cook over medium heat turning frequently.
These are absolutely delicious!
Try these at your next backyard gathering and you will be the hero of the day.

You can alter this recipe with a game meat of your choice also.

Instead of using bacon just wrap the veggies and cheese with your game meat cut into(1/8" x 2") strips. I usually marinate my meat in Italian dressing and then season with black pepper. Then over wrap that in peppered bacon and grill.

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