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Author Topic: The Flight of the FluFlu - by Doug DuRant  (Read 437 times)

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The Flight of the FluFlu - by Doug DuRant
« on: May 01, 2003, 07:05:00 AM »
The Flight of the FluFlu

by Doug "the FluFlu shooting Fool" DuRant

Hold on to your feathers your in for a ride!

I made up a couple of FluFlu arrows yesterday evening. I had put it off for too long. Deans squirrel threads spark me thinking I should endeavor on shooting up instead of out.

I took Penny my beagle, my pal, and headed out to the farm. I uncased my yew longbow. I nocked a new FluFlu and drew to my cheek. WOW! What a thrill. My spirit followed riding with the whirring spinning feathers all the way to the ground. What Fun I just found.

I just had to shoot at something in the air so I went over to some tall pines on the edge of the pasture. I picked out a pinecone, and shot. A close miss and the arrow came to ground about 30 yards out. I nocked the second FluFlu and released with a whir and a whap and the pinecone was down. The shear joy, the big grin, the twinkle in my eye, I had to shot again.

I can tell you a field point might not kill a dead cow, but a FluFlu can kill a pinecone. I shot until dark. I shot crossbow yeomen off the parapet of high castle walls. I shot ready to lunge cougars out of the tops of tall Douglas Fir. I shot the mighty squirrel from the overhanging limb. I let the helicoptering pine seeds land on my nose. In short it was tremendous fun.

Penny was somewhat outdone. Her human wasn't walking near far enough or fast enough. He was laughing out loud. She sniffed a fallen pinecone, and smelled nothing special. I could see in her eyes she was thinking once again "crazy human".

If your archery is a bit staid or the same old routine, I recommend you take a couple of FluFlus and have some fun. Why even the name just rolls off the tongue.

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