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« on: July 18, 2012, 07:33:00 PM »
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Re: Banquet?
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2012, 10:03:00 PM »
Griffin, check out gon site for directions
william d. rice

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Re: Banquet?
« Reply #2 on: July 23, 2012, 03:22:00 PM »
Here is the info Ray. (Thanks Dennis).
Not a big expensive venue this year, but our overhead is zero, ($0.00). Every penny we raise, will go in the bank.

"TBG Banquet: August 11"

Ya'll please plan to come.
This is our annual way to raise funds for our organization and to keep our Youth Archery Program supplied.
We are also getting a new set of Targets this year.

2012 Traditional Bowhunters of Georgia
Date: August 11, 2012

Location: Ryan’s “Old Country Buffett”, in Griffin
1323 North Expressway
Griffin, Ga 30223
From I-75
Exit 205, Hwy 16
Go West thru Downtown Griffin, then take Hwy 19 & 41 North
About 2 miles on the left (just before WalMart)
Business Meeting 4pm Sharp
Donations accepted and Ticket Sells beginning at 4:45
Dinner anytime before 6 (Buffett)
Presentations and Raffle Beginning at 6:45

Admission: Pay for your Buffet, or Meal at Ryan’s and that is it.
(About $12.00 per person I believe).
Likely we will have to bring in the donated items thru the side door.
Pay for your meal, keep the receipt, then bring in your items. It will not be a good idea
To bring bows, guns, knives, sticks with sharp points and such thru the front door.

Ken Purdy, (call or text) 478-952-0610, or
Jeff Hampton, (call or text) 404-630-9039, or pm Jake Allen
TGMM Family of the Bow
NGT, TBG, SGTP & Compton's
Ye Olde Fartes & Sore Losers

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Re: Banquet?
« Reply #3 on: August 08, 2012, 02:00:00 PM »
Ya'll come:

Sinew Award will be presented.

A new award "First Blood" presented to members who kilhad thier first of a species kill with a Trad bow last year.

and the Raffle tables:

Stuff so far: (ncluding, but not limited to...)

Flatwoods Custom made to order Longbow
Big Jim made ot order Buffalo, or Thunderchild Longbow
Osage Selfbow from Arvin Weaver
Herters Recurve donated by Jeff H

Hog, Striper or Predator from Jerry Russell
Bowfishing or Alligator from Jerry Russell
Big Catfish, Hybrids or Slab Crappie trip from Dennis Rice
Jug Fishing Trip from Roger B
Striper or Trout Trip from Dave Bureau

Tomahawk from Clyde Gaskins
Handmade Knife from Richard Thorn (Live Auction)
Carve Wooden Broadheads on Plaque from Al Chapman
Drawing of Fred Bear on Glass from Longbow Dave
Bear Target, Broadheads, Arrow Grinding jig from Paul Redavid
Beeman Carbon Arrows from Frank Wright
Primitive Arrows, Arrow Shafts, Turkey Feathers from Gene Bramblett
Forged Iron Cook Set from Ken Purdy
Neck Knife from Scott Davidson
Turley Pot Call from Tim Sanford
Framed Pencil Drawings from Chad Duncan
Muzzy Broadheads, DVD’s, Hats and more from Muzzy Products
Handmade back quiver from Archery Traditions, a GPS unit, a hang on stand, scent kit from Melvin Edwards
Pair of Handmade Bow Socks from Tomi Varnell
Dozen Big Knives from Jeff H
Bunch of stuff on the General Raffle Tables
TGMM Family of the Bow
NGT, TBG, SGTP & Compton's
Ye Olde Fartes & Sore Losers

Offline Jake Allen

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Re: Banquet?
« Reply #4 on: August 14, 2012, 10:03:00 AM »
Generous; One word from Dan Beckwith about Saturday night, and it just about covers everything.

Thanks to all of you that took much of your valuable time on a Saturday afternoon and evening, to make the trip.

Thanks to all of the generous donations from our members.

Thanks to all of the generous donations from Paul Redavid, 3Rivers, Muzzy, Arvin Weaver, Scott Davidson, Tim Sandford, Tommy Roberts, Clyde Gaskins, Ray Hammond.

Thanks for the generous donations of made to order bows from Billy Hudson, Big Jim and Barbara Babcock.

Thanks to the generous donations of the hunting and fishing trips from Jerry Russell, Dennis Rice, Roger Boykin, Dave Bureau and Ray Hammond.

Thanks to all who purchased tickets for all of these wonderful items at the banquet, and those who sent in tickets by mail, and supported the auctions.
Man, did Gene do a great job or what? “You bought it!”

Thanks to all who worked from start to finish, to make this banquet run as smooth as it possibly could, and make sure everyone, and everything was taken care of.

After the tally of Banquet ticket, auction and advanced thru the mail ticket sales, minus meager expenses for the raffle tickets, postage, printing and a few inexpensive
Picture frames, we will deposit right at 5K.

We needed the support, we asked for the support, and everyone responded Generously with so much support; thank you!

Our job as your officers is to make sure not one penny is spent in a frivolous way. Misers, penny pinchers, whatever fits the bill.
It is a huge responsibility and it will be remembered, where each and every dollar in our coffers came from.

I cannot express just how much appreciation I feel for all of you, and for our Club and what we do, and how happy it makes me just to be part of such a fine organization.
This was another shining moment for The Traditional Bowhunters of Georgia.

Thanks again, from the very bottom of my heart.

Jeff Hampton
TGMM Family of the Bow
NGT, TBG, SGTP & Compton's
Ye Olde Fartes & Sore Losers

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