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Author Topic: Catfish stew @ a shoot in 2006?  (Read 676 times)

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Catfish stew @ a shoot in 2006?
« on: April 09, 2012, 05:32:00 AM »
Hi guys,

I know this is a strange question, but here it goes it anyway:

My family and I attended a TBG shoot somewhere near Wrens, GA back around 2006 if my memory is correct.  There was a complementary dinner at this shoot which consisted of fried fish with the trimmings, and there was some kind of fish stew there as well.  

The stew was white and had fish, shrimp, and some other ingredients as well (I'm thinking corn and potatoes).  It was kinda spicy as well.  It was also absolutely one of the best tasting meals I've ever eaten.  The only problem is that I don't even know what it's called!  I was wondering if any of you might have been there and either know who fixed it, or what the name of it might be?  

This has bothered my wife and me since then, and I would really like to find some information so I could maybe get the recipe.  Thanks for your time to read this crazy post!


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