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My first pig with a traditional bow

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Hi all,

I was out scouting for deer a couple of months back and doing a walk around a ridge to check some trail cameras. As I was making my way through some tight pine I saw the shape of a boar moving towards me at a fairly good clip. I didn't have much time to react and thought he'd end up right on top of me, so I put an arrow on my string and froze. He slowed down when he got closer and looked at me a bit confused as he made his way around me at about five yards. Once he moved past and started heading away I came to full draw and let out a little whistle to stop him. I let my arrow go and it hit him fairly quartering away and the penetration looked good. I followed up his trail in the direction I heard a few crashes and found him piled up in some thick stuff, so I dragged him out and propped him up on a log for a photo.

Dylan, way to capitalize on the opportunity! That’s a great hog.


Doug in MN:
Great job young man that is a fine looking Hog.
One of my favorite things on earth is Hog hunting your hooked now!

Thanks, fellas!

I've killed hundreds of pigs before - rifles, dogs, traps, and compound bows, but this one is one of the most memorable for sure. Really hoping to get after them over the next few months with my new longbow.

Way to go sir! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


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