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Terry Green:
'The Bowhunters of Trad' DVD!!!


Guys and Gals,....I'm really excited to bring you this long awaited DVD.  This was a dream I had long ago and I didn't ever realize that would actually come to fruition.  Just a bunch of Trad Gangers having fun and sharing in their adventures just like they do here....but on FILM!!!!!

I hope this is just the beginning and there will be many more to follow.  But, that's up to you.  We'd like to make a volume two, and we'd like to see YOU in it.  I hope this encourages others to pick up the camera and join in on the fun.  We already have a few commitments for the 2nd DVD if it comes to pass.

Approx. an hour and a half of features, and approx. 30 minutes of tips and how to's.  Right at 2 hours of Trad Gang style fun and games!!!

I'd like to thank the following for their contributions to this effort, and especially Tom Mussatto for putting it all together, and for putting up with me.

Dean Torges, John Hale, Bud Hall, Joseph Meyers, Bill Write, Curtis Kellar, Joe Coots, Kevin Smith, Gary Kellar, Curt Cabrera, Charlie Lamb, Bob Walker, Dick Easter, Denny Sturgis Jr., Chad Jones, Rob DiStefano, Bill Guderley, and Don Blackwell. ...if I left off anyone, please email me!!!!

What we really need is for everyone that wants a DVD to PLEASE PRE-ORDER NOW!!!...that way we will know how many to order.  This is very important as minimums of 1,000 have to be ordered when you replicate.  You can replicate or duplicate, but replication is the most durable form of making copies and we want to bring you the best we can.    If we over sell by 25 - 50 or 100 we wont be able to re-order for a while till we pre-sell enough again to cover the cost.  

 So, do not hesitate if you want one and order now.

Please pay close attention to the categories.  Lower 48, Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada, and over seas.  Also, there are 'twofer' deals....$5 off if you buy two....again, scroll down to your category.


All those that contributed to this video will receive a free copy, so don't order one unless you would like an extra copy or two.

Thanks again....and I hope you all enjoy our 1st effort, that turned out way better than I ever thought.


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