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« on: June 02, 2020, 10:20:21 AM »
ALL monies go to St Jude.  Either direct via PayPal or check made out to St Jude.  Garrett Polk will match up winners on Paypal and Checks will be mailed to Walt Francis for same.  Walt will batch mail checks directly to St Jude.

If you pay via PayPal your correspondence will be with Garrett and with Walt by check. Then winner/doner will correspond on shipping.  Rob and I won't be involved with any of the for mentioned.

No items are to be shipped till payment has been confirmed by a moderator from a posting on the item listed. as PAID.

All bid forums will close at 10:00 Eastern, which means you bid must be time stamped 9:59 Eastern.

In case of a last minute tie, the 1st one to post will be the winner.

We will also have a listing for 'Donations' during the auction for those that just want to donate to this cause.


    Garrett Polk will be handling all paypal payments.  Please see his post below this, and remember to put TRADGANG in the comments for tracking purposes with St Jude, AND, please click Friends and Family when payment is made so the kids will get more money....

Here is a post from Garrett, aka GDPolk............

As the person who gets to sort out all of the PayPal transactions, I ask that you please include the following information in the notes of the transactions.  Without these details, it will be much, much more difficult for me to sort through hundreds of transactions and match buyers with donors and confirm payments.

    TG Auction for "whatever you bid on" - "TG Auction" will help St. Jude's send me accurate reports of who donated and the "for ..." will help me locate the items on the auction listing
    Forum 1/2/3/4 - there are typically multiple forums of donations and sometimes things like Big Jims Bows may have multiple donations spread throughout the multiple bid forums to give everyone multiple chances at such items
    forum name/handle - this identifies you as the bidder
    your mailing address - this is for me to forward to those who donated via PM

So for example if I bid on a Big Jims Custom Bow that was listed on the first bid forum, in the notes section would read something like:
TG Auction for Big Jims Custom Bow. Forum 1. GDPolk. Garrett Polk 1234 Street Address, City, State, Zip Code

Please, Please, Please take the time to make a few notes for me in the comments section on your transactions.  With potentially hundreds of transactions to sort these few simple cues on the transaction reports that I get from St. Jude's will help save me hours of investigation work and help us get your stuff out quicker.

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