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Squirrel hunting

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Nice shooting. Congrats on the fine eating.

Gordon Jabben:
Thanks guys.  The dog should get the credit.  It's a lot easier when Molly tells me which trees they are in.

joe ashton:

Nice shooting!  I'll never forget the first time I got to see those big fox squirrels in the flesh.  I was in Indiana for 3 weeks to bowhunt with a good buddy.  He had told me about the tree rats as big as house cats. I thought he was talking it up a bit,  being used to only seeing the greys we have over east.  Turns out he wasnt....and I remember an instance where one of those little fellas was up an adjacent tree to me about 4 ft away looking like it was ready to pounce cuz he didnt approve of my being there.  I barely got out of there alive  :laughing:  !!!!

Gordon Jabben:
I live in NE Oklahoma, north of Tulsa and we have about a fifty fifty mix of fox and greys.  A little further west and they are all fox squirrels.  Greys are so much harder to get. Besides being a smaller target, they just don't stick around as long especially with the dog barking treed. In the pictures, one of the squirrels is a grey and that's about my average, I will get about one out of eight to be a grey.  LMNS, I have been there.  Fox squirrels at times show little fear of someone in a treestand and you feel like they are going to pounce on you at any time. LOL


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