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Hard Earned Trophy - ORIGINAL!!!

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gregg dudley:
LOL, Terry!  :)  Nice cliffhanger!  :thumbsup:

Can't wait for the climatic conclusion.   :campfire:


I started reading this thread while I was at work and hopin' I'd get to read/see the climax when I got home.

It's still early here on the West Coast Terry!

Sounds like you might be settin' a personal best on distance traveled to recover game....

I'm hopin' for a happy ending to this story!  

[I might even get up early on a Saturday just to find out.  Week days I am usually out of bed by 3:45 AM, but I like to sleep in to at least 7 AM on the weekends....]

Shoot straight, Shinken

You young guys sure sleep in late. Up and at em.

Good tale so far Traz. I'll check back later for the finally.

Good stuff! Can't wait to read "the end"!

Big Ed:
Great read.  :campfire:    :coffee:


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