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The Bachelorhood was still in intact.....

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Terry Green:
I watched the Spike as the wind changed with a grin on my face....I was about to be made, and see his reaction. He tried his best to creep out of the pond bowl and into the thick pines. Funny, once he got about 15 yards into the pines it was back to business as usual....he began grazing leaves on a vine like he was well hid in that thicket.

I wasn't in a bad place at the moment really, if the food plot had have been bountiful. There were trails and rubs from years gone by in full bow range, and I had a brush pile on one side of me and a really bushy short cottonwood on the other with the pond to my back. I was out of 'the line of sight', and could see well enough behind the cotton wood and the brush pile to see anything that circled the pond in my direction, and when behind the cover I could square and be ready for a shot on any of the trails. Including the one REAL close to me if circling the pond was their intent.

At this point I really needed to make a decision on where to hunt, stay put, or go with my gut and go back to those open pines and try to 'hide in plain sight' to cover those 3 trails. I've ignored my gut before and paid for it more than once, and have learned its best to heed it. But I needed to travel some ground pretty quick as there wasn't a lot of daylight I cut a shuck to the rolling knolls...


Rob DiStefano:
this is gonna be a GOOD ONE ...

   :campfire:    :coffee:

:campfire:  Keep it coming    :)

Doc Nock:
Ok...quit Lamb'n it, Tarz!  :)  :)  :)


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