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One for grandpa- Happy Birthday

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Tonight I was blessed with this little doe on an extra special day, my grandfathers birthday.

 My grandpa was an avid outdoorsman, a WWII veteran, and a family man. I spent a few times out with him fishing and camping but he passed away before I was old enough to hunt. The outdoor lifestyle was passed on through my mom, who made sure I fished, camped and hunted. Bless her for that!

 My grandfather had always promised me to go hunting, so 8 years after he passed and I could hunt on my own, I decided to dedicate every Dec 27th to his memory and that promise.  

 It's taken 12yrs to harvest a deer on his birthday, not that it matters because every year has been special to me even with out a kill. This one is for you gramps!!!!!


Nice tribute to your Grandpa,I'm sure he'd be glad your carrying on the tradition.

Barry Rowland:
Great work and a great way to remember your Grandpa!

That is a great way to honor your granpa.  Good shooting and what a memorable hunt for you.

Way to go Arwin!   :thumbsup:    :thumbsup:


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