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string & fling:


Here are my trophies so far this year with my 56" 58@28 Navajo Apache LB. It's all micarta riser and curly maple limbs back and belly,micarta tips, boo core, bow bolt take down.I got it back in the summer and began practicing as much as possible. By mid Sept. i was confident out to @ 18 yrds, so off to the woods. I got the coon the first trip out, 12 yrds and i was hooked. Morning of Oct. 6th (10 min. from the house, East Texas) i took the smaller 10 pt @ 14 yrds out of a tree, he went about 40 yrds and i watched him tip over from the tree! Morning of December 6th (Southwest Texas)i took the best bow buck to date @ 12 yrds out of a ground blind, i hit him high and back (liver) and after a long wait and the help from an amazing little jack russel dog, i recovered him. A big thanks to all you guys on here, i have learned a lot from this site. God bless, and good hunting

South MS Bowhunter:
Great shooting of some very fine trophies!

Congrats on some nice animals!

BTW, are you any kin to the CEpperson on TBH? He is from Chandler, right down the road from you.


string & fling:
Bisch,  yes sir cepperson (Clay) is my little brother. He got me hooked on this traditional stuff last year.

buzzcut 125:
Oh yea big brother!!!! I cant wait to get off this drilling rig and get home. Im ready to start putting that new camera to work and lay down some footage...Bisch, im also buzzcut 125 on this forum.


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