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Finally.....with the longbow!!!

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buzzcut 125:
I finally connected with my Bob Lee longbow. I had been trying to sell this bow because i just didnt feel it when i shot it. Well that has all changed, i decided to take my recurve down and put it up until I killed with my longbow. I spent alot of time in the yard and sent a ton of arrows downrange, and finally i found my rythm with the longbow. This bow is super smooth and silent. after a rough start, missing a doe a few times and losing a doe due to not letting her lay long enough i struck with the bow a few days ago. I decided to go to my number 1 hog stand and boy was it a good decision. About an hr after the feeder spun i had decided they wern't coming so i shot at a redbird under the feeder. No sooner than i let the arrow fly i heard a pig grunt. I looked up and a huge boar was 50 yrds and closing. He came in but before he gave me a shot he smelt the arrow and ran off. It was then i noticed he wasn't alone, there were pigs coming from all over (probably around 50 or more). i heard a twig snap behind me and looked to see a bunch of good eater sized pigs coming in. I picked the one i wanted and as soon as i got a good shot i let the arrow fly, it found its mark, the next thing i know is my pink fletchings were buried to the hide and burning through the woods. I knew it was a perfect shot and here is the rest of the story in pics....

about halfway down the blood trail
here he lays
back home with the bacon

Way to go Buzzcut!  Good job sticking with it.  Beautiful shot.
Is that one of those "capa cubra" (sp?) dogs?

buzzcut 125:
No she is full blood Mountain Fiest. I am working her to be a blood dog. Around the house everyone bowhunts and every year lots of people claim they shot a giant and they cant find him, either a bad shot or just tough tracking conditions. It makes me sick to lose a deer or anything for that matter, so i hope to have her finished for next season.

Congrats !
Chock one up for the Long Bow!!

Merry Christmas!

way to go.


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