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2019 TBG Southern Zone Hunt

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Dates for the 2019 TBG Southern Zone Hunt are January 18-20, 2019
Location - Ft. Stewart military installation in Hinesville, GA

This will be the first year in recent memory that the TBG Southern Zone Hunt will be held at a location other than Chickasawhatchee WMA. Unfortunately, Chickasawhatchee was heavily damaged as a result of Hurricane Michael's passage through SW GA back in October and is not the same nor will it be even close to the same place in my lifetime. So, a change of venue is in order.

Ft. Stewart has lots of land, much of it in swamp. Needless to say, it is loaded with hogs. We'd love to have you come see us for this hunt.

There is a fee for licenses/permits to hunt on Ft. Stewart - Check the website. Link provided below.
There is primitive camping available- At Holbrook campground- I encourage people to call first-- space is limited.

Stay tuned to this thread for updates.

From the GA DRN site...the portion of this that matters is the small game season shown near the bottom of the page. Hogs may be hunted in GA on any managed area during small game hunts with legal small game weapons unless otherwise noted in the regulations.

Please also note the "Special Regs" at the bottom of the page.

■ Fort Stewart &
 Hunter Army Airfield




•Either Sex: Sept. 8-Oct. 12 c

•Either Sex: Oct. 13-19 c.

•Buck only: Oct. 20-21 c
•Either Sex: Nov. 3-4 c | Nov. 22-25 c | Dec. 27-31 c
•Shotgun Only Areas: Either Sex: Oct. 13-Jan. 13 c

Deer Season Bag Limit is 5 total deer, not more than 2 may be antlered, and not more than 3 may be antlerless (bonus tags for 2). One of antlered bucks must have at least four (4) points on one side of antlers (one inch or longer). In the Quality Deer Management Area (QDMA), both antlered bucks must have at least four (4) points (one inch or longer) on one side of the antlers.


Mar. 23-May 15 c

Small Game

Aug. 15-Feb. 28 c


Sept. 1-16, Oct. 13-31, Nov. 22 – Jan. 15


Q Statewide season. No hunting past 12 noon c.


Interested hunter must visit www. Mandatory phone check-in.

All hunting subject to post regulations and access for hunting is not guaranteed.

A better link.

Camping information.

Is Holbrook campground military only?  I'm not a member of TBG, I'm from PA, but was planning on a solo hunt at Ft. Stewart 1/16-1/21.  Be nice to meet a few other trad guys.


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