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Dear Fellow Illinois Traditional Bowhunters,
I want to encourage all of my TradGang brothers who reside in the Land of Lincoln to join United Bowhunters of Illinois. Its a small organization but stands for all the right things. I believe in a world surrounded by self promoting and monetary gains we should try and support organizations that will continue traditional archery. That is one of the goals and focuses of UBI. Continuing our sport as we know it. If your already a member then good on you. If not PM me for an application. I would love to see the membership of this organization grow with the new year of 2015.
Legislative Director UBI
David Gage

I just sent in my life membership application and banquet registration.
    Looking forward to meeting everyone at the banquet, Monty Browning is always a hoot..

    If you have never heard Monty speak or met the man I encourage you to attend.


J. Holden:
Been kicking this around for awhile...  When is this years banquet?  Coming up isn't it?

-Jeremy   :coffee:

Captain*Kirk:'d for an application over a month ago and haven't heard anything.

Someone should probably delete this thread. The OP hasn't been here in ages and has never read my PM.
I think Elvis has left the building.


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