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Come Join Us at the 2011 United Bowhunters of Illinois Annual Banquet

Saturday March 5th at the Northfield Inn and Conference Center in Springfield, IL

Featuring Guest Speaker Mike Mitten

Remember the the day seminars and vendors are open to the public so please stop by and check us out.  

Banquet Day Activities Include:
9:00 AM - Vendor Rooms Open for the day.  We will have a host of different regional vendors with custom bows, quivers, arrows, supplies, tackle and much more.  A shooting room will be also set up to test out the traditional bows.

10:00 AM - Paul Shelton, IDNR.  This seminar will provide a status of the deer herd population in Illinois.  

11:00 AM - Pat Cebuhar.  Pat will provide a day seminar on bowhunting gators

12:00 PM - Michael Wiant.  Dr. Wiant will provide a day seminar on Native American Armaments

1:00 PM - Join us for a day seminar with our guest speaker Mike Mitten.

Additionally, we will hold a membership meeting at 2PM and the banquet doors will open at 6PM for members and guests (tickets and the membership mailing will be going out shortly).

The banquet again will be packed full of excellent items for our live and silent auction.  

If you are interested in joining the United Bowhunters of Illinois please check out our website or contact a member for more information:      

See you soon!


This is a great time, i will definitly be there!

Jerry Gille:
I am in charge of soliciting arrow donations so if there's anyone that would like to donate arrows or even shafts please look me up.  Thanks!

Jerry Gille

I dont have arrows but i do have a new treestand i am going to donate.

Excellent Greg.  

Here are pics of my banquet donation bow...its going home with someone.






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