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New to Illinois and need help!!!


I just moved to Illinois in September of 2010 and I shoot a Mattews Compound Bow. I know it's not traditional but I am looking forward to the next hunting season coming up but my only problem is I haven't had any luck finding a place to hunt. I am in Glen Carbon, IL and I am looking for public land to hunt because I can't afford to join a club. Unless someone knows a person that would let me hunt there land for free. I am looking for any kind of help with this. Thinks alot

Carlyle Lake WMA has several public hunting areas on it, probably an hour drive from Glen Carbon. Check out the Illinois Dept. of Conservation website for a list of public hunting grounds and it will also give you all the rules and regs and seasons, etc... good luck.

Check with the guys at Townhall Archery in Belleville, They can point you in the right direction.


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