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Jerry Gille:
The United Bowhunters of Illinois will hold our annual banquet in Springfield on March 6, 2010.  David Peterson will be our keynote speaker this year.  We'll have a vendor room, 3 day seminars, bucket raffles, a silent auction, the live auction and the dinner/keynote during the day and evening.

I'm in charge of bow donations and would love to add a few to my list.  I am starting the Shawn Peterson Memorial Bow Contest this year as a way to honor Shawn.  If you'd like to build a bow and donate it to the banquet, we'd love to enter it in the contest.

Please look me up for more information about the banquet.

Jerry Gille

Here is my donation bow. I made it this fall and its ready for the banquet.  Its a RH 68" med R/D, 40#, bubinga riser and bubinga veneers, maple S/A core.  



Kevin Bahr:
Cool!  Looking forward to seeing it at the banquet.  Make sure you introduce yourself around, there's a more than a few of us from the Peoria area.

Where in Springfield is the banquet being held at???

flint kemper:
gregk, it is at the Northfield Center Hotel and Meeting Center on the North East side of Springfield on the corner of Sangamon and Dirksen. Check out the UBI website for more info. Hope to see you there. Greg one of our members lives just outside of Vandalia, Chuck Jones of Black Rhino kids bows. Flint


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