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Shane C:
So, I'm not sure if anyone even checks this thing down here, but I figured I'd give it a try. Anyways, I live in Bozeman and I was wondering if there were any good places to shoot around here or if there were any "official" shoots close by that I could go to. Also, I'm hoping to hunt black bears with my bow this spring. Anyone up for it?
Thanks guys,

Hi Shane,

Thinking the same thing in Missoula. We have a great archery club up here..but Im looking for some like minded individuals up for some stump shooting over the summer..if you make it up here some time, let me know

Shane C:
We have a archery club here or at least 3D shoots that go on but that started well before I got my bow and I'm not sure how many trad guys actually shoot at it. I was kind of hoping the same thing for stump shooting and the like. I will definitely let you know if I make it up there at all. My wife has some family over there so there is a slight chance I could head up.


The local archery club here is admittedly compound oriented. But they seem to be a great group of people. If you find yourself in Missoula, look me up and we will try and find some good stump shooting. I will send a PM with my contact info. I know your new to traditional, so feel free to hit me up with any questions. I'm no expert but might have some good answers for you.

Best regards


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