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Anyone want to hunt the Superior/ St. Regis area?

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I have hunted with my friends who happen to be bowhunters (kind of).  I have come to the realization that it is not working well.  One buddy wants to only go to one area.  Two other ones are never in good enough shape to get back in the woods to get after the elk.  I have heard every excuse:  it’s too hot, wives, haven’t shot my bow yet (really?!!), was waiting for one to show up one to show up one time and got the call, “I’m hung over” (UGHH!!), etc., etc., etc.

Therefore, I hunt alone a lot.  Last year I hunted the most that I ever have.  My best encounters happened when I was hunting alone.  I had big bulls in a half dozen times, but no shots were available.  It is so much harder when the caller and the shooter are one and the same.  So, if you would like to hunt this area (that I know very well), you know how to call (I will do at least half of the calling), and you like to hike, please let me know.  I can take time off from work during the week and all weekends are open.   I also have available a cabin at my family's lake (see picture below) that you can stay at.

I know this is kind of a weird posting, but I am very frustrated and tired of the old routines.  I have come to the realization (probably slower than I should have:), that instead of hunting with old friends, I should be meeting new people that love to hunt.  

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Wondering if you meet some new people to hunt with. I'm new to the LIbby area so I have been hunting around here by myself. My wife and I have been living here in LIbby for a couple of months now. I saw your posting and I thought I'd throw out a reply. I can relate to your frustrations as I used to have hunting buddies that did more drinking than hunting.

Thanks for the reply Drifter.  Are you liking Libby so far?  No such luck.  I think I need to hit the road and start meeting some new people.  I need to go to many of the shoots.  The place I mentioned above would be the perfect place to host one.  There is a supposedly a great one in the Libby area in the Spring.  We will have to get together and shoot sometime.  Maybe do some turkey hunting in the Spring?  I believe the tags are over the counter now in the T-Falls/Trout Creek/Noxon area.  Are they over the counter in the Libby area as well now?
Thanks again for the reply,


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