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Turkey Timing?


Cowboy Al:
Curious to know if timing wise a turkey hunt in your fair state about the 10th of May is good? Too early? Too late?

I'd like to plan a "last minute" trip for this year or get all my "turkeys" in a row for next year.

We have a very limited population up here and it take years to get a tag.

Thanks from Alberta

Chad Sivertsen:
Depends on where in MT you are going but everything is late this year. Still snowing here in NW MT and turkey hunting has been very slow. Just a guess but late might be the best this year.

Cowboy Al:
Chad, thanks for the reply. I'll be hunting outside of Heron. I thought with the late spring the timing might be good so I'm going, I leave on the 9th.

Cowboy Al:
Here's a recap of my adventure:;f=104;t=000107


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