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Trad shoots in 2011?

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Joseph Raleigh:
I'm somewhat new to MT, I have lived here for two years. I lived in Ohio my whole life, and always hunted with a Longbow. When I came up here I was too busy to get involved with anything, hoping this year will be diffrent! Please let me know if anyone has any information of any upcoming events in the state. Thanks

Prairie Drifter:
Where abouts are you? Montana is a BIG state.

Joe: Where are you located. I am mid central. PM me at

You might consider going to the Alberta Traditional Bowhunters shoot.  It's a "good un"  and depending where they have it this year it might be close to the border.

Here is a list thus far of the archery shoots/archery related items throughout the state for 2011:
Rocky MTN Sports Show                      Feb. 5 & 6                 Great Falls
Laurel 3D                                               Feb. 13
Lewistown Bowhunters banquet/shoot   Feb. 19 & 20
Lewis and Clark archers shoot               Feb. 20
Indoor Shoot, Havre                               Feb. 26 & 27
MAAI State Indoor                                 March 5 & 6
Chester Shoot                                         March 13
GFAC Foul Weather                              March 20
MBA Banquet                                        March 25-27
Shelby Shoot                                          April 3
Polson 3D shoot                                     April 9 & 10
Havre Spring Fling                                 April 17
GFAC Safari                                          May 1
MAAI State 3D                                      May 14 & 15
Libby 3D                                                June 4 & 5
State Target                                            June 4 & 5             Thompson Falls
Carp Safari                                            June 11                    Canyon Ferry
Shelby Shoot                                          June 12
Chester Carp Shoot                                June 18
Barber Ranch Shoot                               June 25 & 26        Bearpaw MTNS, Havre
State Field                                              June 25 & 26        Billings
Polson 3D                                              July 2
GFAC Kings Hill Shoot                        July 16 & 17
Bowhunter Rendezvous                         August 2                Helena
more information regarding these shoots can be viewed at:


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