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Libby Shoot?


mt bootlegger:
Hello everyone, I'm new to TRAD GANG and fairly new to traditional archery. Sure am glad to have a place like this to get help that I have found can be hard to come by when your talking traditional equipment. I was wondering about the shoot in Libby. Where can I find some info?

I have a shoot list,  Tony Stephens 1-406-293-2072. That looks to be the cordinator for the shoot. May 6-7. It's called the Fawn Creek shoot. I couldn't give  directions, been there a bunch, but I couldn't explain. Great shoot, great guys that put it together. I would have to say it is my favorite. see you there.

Give Tony a call, he can get you a flyer or answer any questions you have.  Last year was the fisrt time I made it to Fawn Creek, after one trip I have vowed to never miss it again.  Myself and a bunch of us around Whitehall are making the trip for sure!!!!

mt bootlegger:
Thanks for the info and sorry for the untimely reply. I am not around the computer very often. I do hope to see all of you there and am looking forward to a great learning experience also. Thanks again.


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