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Polson area?

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Hi all, I am new to tradgang and was hoping to find some folks in the Polson area.  I just moved here a few years ago and haven't met a single traditional bowhunter.  I am going to have to try to convert a few rifle hunters I guess.  :knothead:

I live alittle far away, but if you call info. and get the number for Dan Toelke, Toelke Bows in Ronan I bet he can help ya out..  Dustin

Troutguy there is a traditional shoot in Libby the first weekend in May, Great shoot and great folks. I try not to miss it.

Thanks guys.  I will be in contact with Mr. Toelke. Also, would love to make the shoot in May in Libby. Guess I will have to make a drive.

Hey Trad gang,I am very happy to be part of the gang..Elkrunner


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