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Lakota quiver build-a-long! COMPLETE!

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Well, I have been wanting to do this for a while now after following along on other build-a-longs and have finally got some free time to get this started.
    Let me start off by stating that I am far from an expert on this but have made several of these and I'll do my best to explain everything in detail. This will be my first build-a-long so please be patient!

    This will be a Lakota or plains style quiver that will hold about 5 arrows comfortably. As for materials I'll be using some leather about 1/16" thick and 30" by 16" for the body, Contact cement, Artifical sinew, small pieces of tooling leather for reinforcement, and Various beads and teeth for Decoration.
    First off cut a 30" long by 16" high piece of leather. Use a carpenters square to keep the corners square!

I'm looking forward to this adeeden. I have made one backquiver that turned out pretty good. So I am far from an expert. Is 1/16" leather what they would call 6 oz.? or would it be lighter?

Now that the body is cut out, we need to mark a line 4 inches up from the bottom of the 30" side. Make sure you put this line on the rough side of the leather. And run it the entire length and just make it light enough so that you can easily see it. I'm going to mark my lines a little darker then normal so they will be easier to see in the pictures. Use that carpenters square again and it will be an easy task! I'm doing this line in blue ink.

     I am not sure how leather is measured in ounces. I just use thickness for reference! Most any thin leather will work for this project This is leather I picked up from a rummage sale But it is real close to the same thickness of deerskin. But I suspect That 6 ounce would be pretty thick.

Next were going to cut out our fur trim. This will be 12" wide and 7 inches long. The hair needs to run in the 7" direction! (head of animal at one end and tail of animal at the other) In order for it to lay right when the quivers finished. I'm using faux fur for this one which is a synthetic fur. It can be bought at Wal-Mart or most craft stores for just a couple bucks. It comes in a variety of colors but I choose a dark brown for this particular project. Real fur works just as well I just didn't have anything suitable at the moment. Once again use that square! Heres the fur cut to shape.


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