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Cary and Tim bows buildalong

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I met Cary a few weeks ago and it was the start of a real friendship.
Cary is an avid hunter, expert shooter, so I proposed to make him an osage selfbow.

Tim proposed to trade custom back quiver and arm guard at the same time (I saw his wonderful leatherwork in person and it is stunning!   :thumbsup:  ) so I hunted for wood first:)

Osage does not grow in Quebec, so I ordered Osage from Illinois and Kansas.

Of the 4 staves I received 2 qualified to make good hunting bows  in the high 50# at 26"

Cary wants a pure longbow, this over 65" stave with natural reflex and wonderfull growth ring will hopefully produce such a bow

Tim is game for a reflex deflex flatbow in the style of my personal bow that I finished recently, so here is his stave:


I will steam and  induce 2"+ reflex for the tips.
This stave is 65" long too

After work this week I cleaned the staves a bit to be ensure that theywere free of cracks, bugs, ugly knots


I'll be watching this one Manny....LOL
  ;)    ;)    :readit:    :bigsmyl:  

A Torges-style solid osage bow??? don't get much better!

I wish you all the luck of the wood-spirits on these bows. Best of all, you'll possibly have the chance to see me shoot a deer this fall with it when you come and hunt with me. :)



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