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Well a few years back we came out with our bamboo backed bow blanks and they have been a big success.  The only problem was that most trad bowhunters use glass bows.

This past year Jason has been working with a glass bow (contamination from his time working with Mark Horne) and we decided that it was time to offer a solution to the guy or gal that wants to build there own bow but doesn't have all the stuff to do it.

The basic blank will have maple core limbs and black glass.  It will be offered in osage, bocote or cocobolo risers and in 62, 64 or 66" ntn.  You can specify target weights and we will build them to order.

Here is a pic of the blank.



We are introducing this at a special price of $250 delivered to your door in the US.  Outside of the U.S., we will have to add a little shipping.

Watch for a build along with pics later today to show how easy it is to complete the project.

Mike and Jason

Although the basic blank is maple with black glass, you can upgrade to tonkin bamboo core for $50 and get clear glass for an additional $50.  We're talking about offering veneers too.


Brent Rudolph:
Way to go guys! I was thinking I might sale a few bows this year..................

Great idea, and long overdue. This is a great opportunity to get into a quality glass bow for a small investment, and enjoy the pride of of being part of the process.

Well dang Brent I'm sure you'll still sell a couple of bows.  Unless we can come up with a 48" recurve blank that is.  LOL

We haven't even got these on the website yet.  So if you want one give us a call.


Very nice Mike!

Any ideas on upping the ante to a nice lam and clear glass?



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