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Mudfeather missed!!!

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Not really but we`re going pig hunting tomorrow and I`m just getting some practice.RC

You'll just let this thread die. Keith


How many did he I mean hit?


Well, we got on pigs but at around twenty yards and near getting shot at the porkers got our wind.Raining off and on and the wind would not blow the same direction for more than a few minutes.Hunting fort stewart is sweet. I did break my new longbow in with two dilla`s with one shot.A called shot to boot in front of a witness.We`ll be after`em again next week,RC.

I got on some pork this AM. I had a long shot but passed due to all the negative comments from some supposed friends. RC, who is the witness that saw you shoot those dillas? I thought we were the only ones there. Keith Bruner


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