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TBG is it for me

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herb haines:
Shortshot , can't imagaine not belonging to your state organization . wished we had had a Traditional organization here in New Brunswick .so i belong  to my home club here in New Brunswick (Hawkeye Archery Club)  TAANS (Traditional Archers of Nova Scotia )  PBS and TBG .
never been south of NY State but will come down someday if gas gets back below $4.50/gallon .
you have some great people in your state organisation and what a chance you have to go to hunts set up by them , sure wished we had stufff like that here .go to some of the shoots meet some of the people i am sure you  will then know why you should join ---- herb

I put pigs in Mudfeathers lap and this is the way he thanks me.Remember, I still have the arrow with the mud on it.I think it would make a great display piece at the banquet....RC

See what I mean. He has such an imagination. I don't know what is in the water down there but obviously its good stuff. Keith Bruner

If I had any doubts before I dont now count me in. Unless something drastic changes Ill be at the banquet and also the shoot on sunday.
 Cant wait to meet all of you, I hope I dont get on your nerves, I know Ill have alot of questions.          

                            Thanks Miles

joel smith:
we all just love questions, makes us feel smart. Seriously Miles, I don't think you're in danger of getting on anyone's nerves, we'll be glad to see you. Welcome !!


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