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Another 1st from Oklahoma

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This is my first whitetail with a bow!  It ended a 17yr archery dry spell in the whitetail woods and is my biggest trophy by far.
I'm shooting a 58# at 27" Black Widow PSAX and STOS tipped Grizzly Stiks weighing in at 600gr (they buried up to the fletching on a pretty long shot)
He came in about 15 minutes behind a doe and stopped broadside.  I misjudged the distance and quickly sent one over his back.  He took a few steps forward and then came back to sniff my arrow.  As he quartered away sniffing my arrow I let another fly and drilled him right in the boiler maker!  It was one of those shots where as soon as you let it go everything felt perfect and then it hit the exact spot I was looking at.
He only went 30 yards after the hit and piled up.  I got to drag him out with one of my best buddies in the world too.
Great hunt in McAlester, OK!!

Doug Campbell:
Awesome, ya oughta try shootin somethin beside monsters once in a while!!  :thumbsup:    :thumbsup:

Dang, nice buck!  Good on ya!

the Ferret:
wow the first 2 are dandies. Where do you go from here? LOL

Congrats   :thumbsup:

Those are awesome congratulations.   :thumbsup:


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