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Wood, sinew, bone, and stone!

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Doug Campbell:
Well after another little dry spell I kinda made up for it tonight. My Buddy Ray Alt and I have been working on some creek bottom deer near home and not doing much good so we decided to head down to the Yellowstone and try another area. I was blowing deer out ahead of me going in to my tree but managed to get there without spooking em all out. Sat about 30 minutes and saw a buck on an island behind me. I grunted a couple times and he started wading toward me. It took about ten minutes then he passed right under me. As he walked on by I drew Buster back and the bone point hit right where I was looking. I was a little concerned about penetration but didn't need to worry, the hit was about three inches to the left of the spine and came out right behind his right foreleg. Not a pass thru but several inches of arrow sticking out under him. I watched him pile up 40 yards away.

While I was giving the buck a few minutes a doe came in a bedded down about 30 yards away like nothing was out of the ordinary. I was sitting in a big forked tree and the side my steps were on put me out of sight of the bedded doe. I eased down out of the tree and was able to sneak toward her keeping a couple of big cottonwoods between us. When I was about 15 steps away I leaned out around the trees with a stone tipped arrow drawn. She saw me and stood up but decided to hang around too long. The arrow took her just behind the shoulder and out the other side. She made it 20 yards and I had my first double header, with sinew, wood, bone and stone!!

I was using my Timo buff sinew backed/osage recurve, a footed shaft with a buff bone point on the buck and footed shaft and a TX flint stone point on the doe.

It was a great afternoon to be in the woods!!  

That's cool! Nice double and good shootin!!  :thumbsup:

Doug,I'm running out of things to say bud.What a season bro,congrats!!

:notworthy:    :notworthy:    :notworthy:    :notworthy:  

Ok I changed my mind,you are now officially my hero,sorry Lance.

Life must be pretty good in Montana,Congrats again!


COOL!!  I love stories like this one!  Way to go Doug!


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