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September bear


Here in Washington early deer, bear and late turkey seasons all fallin late September. On opening day of late turkey season I was hunting an old apple orchard using a ground blind. My thoughts were on whitetail. In the morning I was lucky enough to arrow a Merriams hen. Returning to the blind for the afternoon hunt I was a bit suprised when this fellow showed up. A nice 8 yard shot with my 47# Kota longbow, both lungs.

Cool, I got one Sep 15th here in MT, mine was black.  The day before I had seen a sow that was the color of yours with 2 blond cubs.  Joseph

the Ferret:
Pretty bear Callmaker. Congrats   :thumbsup:

Wish we had bears to hunt here in Ohio

Joseph, I was looking at the pix of yours, nice bruin there. Way to go. Nothing like shooting critters that can eat you   :>)

That's a nice looking deer you got there (nice looking bow too). Would have liked to have shot this bear with one of my bows but did not work out that way, maybe next time.


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