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Early & Late Season Turkeys


There is nothing quite like bow hunting for turkeys. Here are a couple pix of that very thing. The first is my spring bird, a young Merriams tom. I called him (along with 4 others) using a combination of one of my box calls and one of my wingbone calls. The second pix is my fall season bird, a Merriams hen. I killed her hunting a food source. Both were killed for a ground blind and a string tarcker device was used to recover both birds.



Ed, both are great pics,but the top photo is just plain Awesome!

Congrats on both birds.

the Ferret:
Very nice. Congrats on an exceptional harvest. Turkeys are durn tuff to take with trad equipment.

Nothing like bowhunting turkeys,Congrats!!!

Congratulations! still looking forward to my first, "trad", turkey...  :bigsmyl:


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