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Blacktail Spike


Took this little guy Friday evening Oct. 29th.  I didn't have much time to hunt so decided to still hunt the last hour and found him in his bed.  Stalked to about 18 yards when he saw me and stood to leave.  Let him have a POC arrow tipped with a Grizzly from my 59@27 Timberline.  He went about 40 yards and piled up.  Nice way to fill an extra deer tag.



Nice goin Stan! Stalkin them in bed is alway sweet!

 Next time show us some pearlies!  :bigsmyl:

Thanks Tim, it was a fun hunt.  As for the picture, I've been a grinner and not a smiler my whole life.  I'm afraid that's about as close as I get to showing pearlies.    :)  


Tracy McQueen:
Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.    :thumbsup:  


the Ferret:
That's super Stan, looks like you absolutely drilled him.'s whats for dinner   :thumbsup:


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