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Roger Rothhaar Iowa Buck

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Ryan Rothhaar:
Tarzzzz asked me to add this to highlights....

Here is the buck Dad killed on the farm in Iowa last week. Basic 10, will score 158 net, field dressed 195. Mom videoed this buck quite a bit in the beans this summer. Dad shot him entering the same bean field in the evening. Dad is down to one tag before gun season, so he "has to wait for a big one now, no more shooting little ones"---must be nice!



steve anderson:
:thumbsup:    :thumbsup:  tell you dad congrats!! way to go.  :notworthy:    :notworthy:

Doug Campbell:
Nice!! littleun Ryan   ;)  Tell him congrats! How long has he been shooting a Widow?

Doug I think that is a Habu.  Joseph

Harry J Truman:
Ryan, tell your dad that old Harry could use a few lessons.


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