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Birthday Bull

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It was my birthday and I like to take that day off work and go hunting. Sat a stand in the morning, but didn't see anything. Got down and sneaked around some. Went home and did some yard work and reorganized a shed. It was drizzling thruout the morning after I got back from the morning hunt. It let up a bit around 1 o clock. About two I went in for lunch. A half hour later the wife's little yappy muttly was barking at something outside. I went to the door and saw that she was barking at a Moose across our field. Thru some binoculars I saw that it was a Bull. After I got the dog in the house I went to the garage to change and grab my bow. When I came out the Bull was gone. I walked across the field and as I was going along a small slough finger that goes into the bush I saw him bedded, about 30 yds. away. I was able to get within 15 yds.(everything was quiet & damp) then snapped some small twigs to get him to stand. When he finally did his vitals were still covered by some brush. I needed him to take 2 more steps. Which he did and my arrow took him in the ribs. He went about 80 yds.
Sort of a non-typical with a split right beam and a bunch of drop tines.


65# Kempf Kwyk Styk, Wensel Woodsman
Happy Birthday to me!

Way cool Gun! interesting horns on that one for sure!

Congrats, and happy birthday.

Congratulations! I was in Alberta last Oct hunting Moose and had a lot of fun.  I am going to have to go back up there again and give it another try.  Joseph

Doug Campbell:
Alright Gun one of those big rascals is on my list for someday!! Congrats!!

the Ferret:

Way to go Gun! Gosh those things are bruisers   :eek:   Congrats   :thumbsup:  

The-and people think it's cool that I get to see deer in the yard  ha ha - Ferret


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