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Snuffer Time

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Java Man:
Sorry no pic.  But I removed a spike from the gene pool on Monday morning.  Been fiddling around with HH braodheads, and even bought some Tuskers.  After reading a couple posts by Ryan Rothaar, I decided to go with a 145 Snuffer.

Anyway, 12 yds quartering at a slow walk.  Ran the Snuffer through part of the liver, lungs, and a hole clean through the heart.  

Was shooting my 49#@27" wood Tanjavur, and 525 gr chundoo arrow.  I was very surprised to find another hole right at the opposite armpit.  And a fine bloodtrail through high grass, that helped me find the deer in about five minutes.  

Amazing how fast they go down when you ventilate the rib cage real good!  :bigsmyl:  

Java Man

Ryan Rothhaar:
Good job!

But don't you know, you NEED a small 2-blade head for penetration!  Snuffers won't poke through anything.


Java Man:

It was not a big deer, but it sure went through nice.  The deer jumed as soon as the arrow went in, and broke off the head.  Who knows how far the arrow would have continued.  As it was, there was blood up to the feathers.  And all over the ground!


Trinity Outfitters:
Way to go, Gregg!  Nice to hear you are finding time to hunt those awesome bows you build!


Java Man:
Thanks Todd,

This was my one chance to get out so far.  The first legal deer to come by was going to get shot at.  Happened to be a spike with one horn broke off.  Figgered he needed to be removed from the gene pool.



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