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My First.....


In January of this year I sold my wheel bow and started shooting a longbow. 10 months later with the help of a lot of good guys from the UBI here in Illinois and great info from this site, I got my first deer with a stickbow. She came in and milled around my tree for about 5 minutes before she gave me a perfect broadside shot at 5 paces off my tree. Double lunged her and wateched her fall 55 yards from me in a bean field. I literally shook for 15 minutes afterword, like it was the first deer I had ever killed. Also I watched a 160 class monster about an hour earlier on the other side of the bean field, if I'm lucky maybe I'll get a shot at him before the season is out.....    


Doug Campbell:
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Nice going bud!

Great Job!
Hopefully that excitement never leaves you when you get that deer working toward you. It's a great feeling isn't it?


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